Hula and Fire Show Honolulu Mele Luau Hawaii

Hula and Fire Show Honolulu

Hula dancers in Honolulu

What are the first thoughts that you have when you hear “Hawaii”?

You might choose the beautiful beaches, palm trees or hiking trails, depending on your preference. Hula dancing will most likely be one of the top 5 choices for everyone, for sure.

If you’re planning to visit Oahu in Hawaii, it’s a good idea to attend at least one authentic Hawaiian hula show. Even in Waikiki’s small area, you will find many authentic and free hula show dancing performances.

Hula is rooted in many traditions. These origins reflect the beauty of Hawaii’s respect for different perspectives.

Hula dancing, one of Hawaii’s oldest traditions, is meant to tell a visual story with music or chanting. There are many hula performances and ensembles in Hawaii, including the world-famous luaus and special shows that combine magic and hula.

In addition to offering free hula shows to the public, there are many hula festivals that bring in talent from all over the globe.

There are many styles and types of Hula

Haa Koa “Dance of the Warrior”

Ha’a Koa, which translates to “Dance of the Warrior“, predates hula. Haa is “a dance with bent knees”, and koa “brave” or fearless. This is also known as “bent-knee dancing”.

Haa Koa does not refer to a specific dance. It is an old style of dance that was performed by kane men. It honors the spirit and courage of the ancient warrior koa, as well as aloha and other traditional Hawaiian virtues such as koa, lokahi and harmony, kupaa and divine power. It is unique in its language, movement and ike (thinking) as well as mana (spiritual strength).

Although the traditions of Haa Koa are lost, organizations today are trying to restore this dance form. Although it’s not as well-known or as popular as hula, it’s an integral part of Hawaiian culture.

Hula Kahiko

Traditional hula-kahiko is an older form of hula. You can perform it by either men or women. An oli is used to accompany this type of hula. It means “chant” in Hawaiian. There are many types of chants. These include love chants and chants to express joy, grief, prayer, or to recite the genealogy.

Oli is categorized into two categories: mele-oli which is chants without accompaniment and mele-hula that has chants with accompaniment that is most likely to be a dancing song.

Mele oli can be performed by a single individual (neither dance or instruments) A hula festival is among the other events. You could begin by making a Mele oli.

Mele hula, on the other hand, are performed in groups and accompanied with percussion instruments. Mele hula may speak about actual events, or it can contain imagery and kaona. Each interpretation is possible.

Hula kahiko dancers wear earth tones and are only adorned with greenery such as ferns, or other native plants. The beat of a percussive instrument is used to set the mele hula, such as an Ipu Heke (double gourd drum).

Halau are schools that teach this traditional form of hula. Hula kahiko can be learned with dedication and discipline.

It must be done in the exact same way every time. This preserves the history and stories. Hula kahiko is not for the faint of heart. There are new mele and hula compositions today.

Hula auana

Hula auana, which translates as “to wander,” is a more modern style of dance. This type of hula can be conducted with lyrics in English or Hawaiian music, and it can be accompanied by melodic instruments such as the ukulele, steel guitar, or steel guitar.

There are many options for costumes and accessories. Cellophane and Raffia hula skirts were available, as well as muumuu (an elegant muumuu having a long train) and holoku (a muumuu that has a long, flowing train) and to leaves skirts with colorful tops.

Amazing hula shows and fire dancing are performed to the backdrop of the waves crashing onto the beach. There are many choices for appetizers, mains and desserts. The imu ceremony is when the kalua pork is taken from its underground oven.

Hawaiian Hula show

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES EXPERIENCE – Visitors can experience Hawaiian culture and arts through Luaus. You can hear and see the stories unfold through traditional and contemporary hula show dancing.

With their graceful movements, hula dancers will show audiences Hawaiian islands myths through the use of their hands.

INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCES – You can witness amazing performances by fire and hula show dancing! A luau is a show that’s usually offered by resorts. You can enjoy a meal while you watch the show. 

FEAST AT A LUAU – A luau will make you eat well! You will enjoy traditional food and tropical drinks. Many luaus include kalua pork as the main course. This is a pig that’s been cooked in an underground oven. However, they also have a wide variety of seafood, chicken and vegetable dishes.

Amazing hula shows and fire dancing are performed to the backdrop of waves crashing onto the beach. There are many choices for appetizers, mains and desserts. The imu ceremony is when the kalua pork is taken from its underground oven.

You can enjoy hula, Samoan fire knife dancing and live music against the stunning backdrop of Coral Crater Adventure Park. Mele luau can offer your private Luau Oahu group an open bar option, as well as a buffet that includes a variety of Western and traditional Polynesian dishes.  Our normal luau is held a few times per week. Make sure to call us for the most current times and dates.

Fire dance show Honolulu

The ancient Thracians performed fire dancing, also known as “walking on the coals with barefoot”, before Christ. They fall into a trance when they dance on the coals and praise the Sun God for carrying the fire with him. All guests love our mind-blowing variety of fire acts! Each Fire Dancing show is customized with exciting fire props.

Product launches, as well as private entities and red carpet events, are all possible. Fundraisers include birthday parties, nightclubs, and stage shows. 

Our Fire Dancers in Luau shows will amaze anyone, no matter if they are performing at a corporate gala or shooting a movie. Our troupe for dance performances includes both male and female fire performers.

Fire breathing is one of the most popular and most sought-after fire dance performances. Our Fire Breathers have years of experience and are highly skilled fire performers.

We don’t use alcohol, but we do use a custom-mixed solution that is specifically designed for fire breathing dancers. Our professional Fire Breathers have the highest flame sizes and visual perfection records.

Fire Poi looks great as a ball of fire when it is spun on 2 chains in patterns around its body. Private parties and corporate events love our fire poi spinners. It is difficult to find a woman who spins fire poi, so we have many.

Fire Eating is our second most popular skill. Fire dancers can also have the skill of being Fire Eaters. Fire Swallowing or Fire Eating is a great outdoor show option.

Fire Staff Spinning, one of our fastest Fire Props, is one that we offer – our performers can also perform Contact Fire Staff, Double Staff and the most difficult variation, Dragon Staff.

Our professional Fire Hoop Dancers create a fire hoop dancing act.

Our dancers can perform with one, two, or three flaming fire sticks simultaneously. 

The most popular Polynesian Fire Show, featuring dances from Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa. It also includes Maori Fire Poi and Fire Knife Dancers as well as Fire Breathers and Fire Eaters.

All our fire knife dancers are part of the fire dance Professional Team. You can be sure that you are getting the best fire dancers who work together every day when you book with us.

We are fully insured and our team will ensure that your fire show is safe from start to finish. Are you unsure if there is enough space for a fire-show? We can help you plan a fire show for your corporate party. Talk to us! All your event planning needs are ours free of charge.

We can help you choose the right fire performance for you. Each event is unique and we can customize the costuming.

This isn’t your typical Fire Dancing Company. Each show features unique props and tools that we create. Dancing Fire is a professional team of fire dancers who work together to create the perfect fire show for your event.

Book fire dancers for private events! Our exciting Fire Displays can be added to any private event!

Ideal for product launches, celebrity appearances, red carpet events, private birthday parties, weddings, and a variety of other events.

Honolulu’s best Hula and Fire Dance Show

You might choose the beautiful beaches, palm trees or hiking trails, depending on your preference. However, the hula and fire knife dance shows will be at the top of everyone’s list.

You can enjoy a relaxing evening watching Waikiki sunset from Mele Luau Oahu with some delicious food and a wonderful modern hula performance.

Hire Mele Luau to host your private Hawaiian music party. A private luau can be a wonderful way to enjoy traditional Hawaiian culture at your next wedding, rehearsal dinner or first birthday party, corporate event, team building, or other special occasion.

A Private Luau Oahu in Mele Luau Oahu is the perfect way to spend an evening with friends and family, from the delicious food to the hula dancing. Our Private Luau Oahu package includes:

  • Private luau for up 700 guests
  • Traditional Hawaiian foods such as poi, kalua, and lomi salmon
  • Hula Lessons dancing
  • Live Hawaiian Music from our amazing musicians
  • Polynesian dances and Polynesian Show
  • Live entertainment
  • Private Imu Ceremony at the pit to honor the Kalua Pig island traditions
  • Memorable experience

You’re looking for a fun group event. You don’t really want your games crowded into a dinner show alongside another part. What you really desired was something unique and private for your company’s employees, friends, and family.

That’s why you came to us at Oahu’s private Mele Luau! We can come to any location in Hawaii or America and tailor our show specifically for you, making it one-of-a-kind!

We can provide food and beverages, so you can enjoy some gourmet dinner or buffet dinner if needed. Call us today, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for (and, best of all, it’s pretty inexpensive).

We have a wide range of tickets available for groups and all types of seating. Call us today to reserve your Private Mele Luau Oahu and experience the best buffet dinner with a glimpse of torch lighting, Polynesian show, and other entertainment free hula shows while watching the sunset. We are walking distance and conveniently located at Coral Crater Adventure Park in Kapolei, Hawaii.  We are a luau near Ko Olina as well.

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