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Small Hawaiian Tattoos

Ancient Hawaiian Tattoos

Ancient Hawaiian tattoos are entirely black and feature bold geometric designs, such as triangles or swirls. These are great for those who like bold, striking pieces of art on their bodies.

The Polynesian people valued the artform and gave it a special secrecy. Tattoo art showed the power and strata that an individual had in society. This is the most well-known tattoo art from the Pacific. The procedure involved sharp objects, bones or bird beaks and was meant to be very painful. These tattoos were given to the warriors of war for their courage and valor. These tattoos were mostly done by male members of society, but some women also got them. These tattoos had a deeply culturally-attached meaning. They mostly represented nature’s forms, such as plants, animals, and birds.

Hibiscus, the Hawaiian regional flower, is often preferred by women as it adds femininity. A hibiscus tattoo can be done on the shoulder, chest, or leg.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos look similar to traditional Hawaiian tattoos but have more intricate details and swirly patterns than the traditional Hawaiian tattoos.

Coral, vegan, Luau

This beautiful floral piece shows the perfect beach scene paired with the classic Hawaiian Hibiscus flower tattoo. You can feel the Hawaiian wanderlust.

The traditional Hawaiian tattoo is bold and large, but it’s possible to get smaller and more artistic tattoos if you don’t like big ones. One should be placed on the hands or at the ankles.

Lono, the Hawaiian deity for music and peace is Lono. This Lono tattoo is a stunning representation of Hawaiian culture and tribal life.

Native flora was a favorite of Hawaiians and Polynesians. For those who are passionate about wildlife, this small but beautiful tattoo of a snake looks great.

These tribal Hawaiian tattoos make great armbands and leg bands for women. This black tribal band tattoo looks great on the calf.

For the traditional Hawaiian look, you can opt for an all-black tribal design such as the one shown above.

Hawaiian culture is known for its crab tattoos. The state has many beaches where crabs can be found abundantly. This beautiful geometric crab pattern is a symbol for sea adventures and beauty.

A floral tattoo is elegant and can be worn on the forearm, ankle, neck, neck or upper back.

Hawaiian tattoos are full of geometric shapes and triangles, which is why this unique tattoo design stands out. This intricate design shows the ocean waves.

Get the outline of Hawaii inked on your palm if you love Hawaii.

Hawaiian Tattoos Meaningies

Gecko is the most well-known Hawaiian design. This beautiful lizard is native to the pacific islands. The gecko, like all other Polynesians’ designs is sacred and pure. This symbol was used by the Hawaiian aboriginals to repel evil spirits.

Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo Meaning

Turtle – Turtle can live both on land and in water. It is a symbol of struggle and long lies. Tiki – He was the first Human being. This tattoo signifies your ability to sense danger far away thanks to your keen senses. Shark – This symbolises danger, power, and storm. Shell – This tattoo was only used by the tribal head. It is a symbol of unlimited wealth. Orchids – The flowers are symbolic of love and sacred beauty. Hawaiian Hibiscus Tattoo – This tattoo is deeply meaningful. This tattoo represents the fact that life is precious and one must live it fully. These are some of the 240+ Hawaiian tribal tattoo designs that you can choose from.

Simple Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Hawaiian tattoo designs often include tropical flowers, which have symbolic meanings.

Many people wear Hawaiian tattoos to honor the Hawaiian heritage and tradition. These tattoos can be used to depict the history and geography of Hawaii or a particular island or state. They serve as a symbol for respecting their cultural heritage.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Hawaiian tattoos represent religious devotion, bravery, rank, heritage, and status. You can find many symbols in Hawaiian tattoos with different meanings. These symbols are:

Hawaiian Tattoos Female

Modern tattoo art is influenced by the Hawaiian tattoo art. Your tattoo artist can help you choose the Hawaiian tattoo designs that suit you best and create your own custom tattoo. Female tattoos that incorporate the Hawaiian symbols and designs are becoming a popular trend. Let’s look at some female tattoo designs that are inspired by Hawaiians.

Traditional hawaiian tattoos are for females. They cover their entire back or just parts (in the style of Arabic mehendi). This is a beautiful pattern that looks great on women.

Stingrays are able to hide from other sea creatures by slipping into the sand. They are a beautiful creature of oceans. It glides into the sand to protect itself. Stingrays are symbolic of protection, danger, calm, and agility. This elegant Hawaiian tattoo design is for females.

Feather tattoos can be combined with elements from Hawaiian tattoo designs to create a beautiful pattern for female tattoos. The feather is symbolic of bravery, courage and travel.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are more detailed and intricate than traditional tattoos. They are also less bold and have fewer large designs. These tattoos are unusual in that they combine different elements to create the tribal tattoo. Each pattern is assigned a meaning. These Hawaiian tribal tattoos are available on larger parts of the body, such as the sleeves, legs or back.

Hawaiians revere the ocean as a sacred symbol. These elliptical curvy tattoos are made with intricately placed triangles and geometric forms that form swirls. They depict the ocean waves as well as water formations. It depicts the cycle and the emergence of new life. These Hawaiian tattoo designs are both creative and meticulous on the body.

Because it is a symbol of beauty and fertility, the Hawaiian butterfly tattoo design for females is a wonderful idea. They look great on female skin and can be accompanied with elements and symbols from Hawaiian culture.

The emotions of calm, peace and tranquility that shells carry are believed to be carried by them. Shells are a reminder to the sea and the sand. The shell tattoo was a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Hawaiian culture. These tattoos are subtle and attractive on female skin. They can be placed on any part of your body, as long as they don’t take up too much space.

Plumeria, a beautiful and delicate flower from Hawaii, denotes love, birth and creation. It is an excellent choice for a Hawaiian tattoo. It is also a symbol of beauty, devotion and dedication. Inking plumeria is a great choice for women, as it is delicate and feminine and speaks to the solid qualities that a woman has.

Designs from the Hawaiian Tribals

Hawaiian tribal tattoos look similar to traditional Hawaiian tattoos but have more intricate details and swirly patterns than the bolder patterns found in traditional Hawaiian tattoos.

The art of tattooing was called “kakau” by ancient Hawaiians. They would cut open the skin and then pour ink made mostly of ash or soot inside. After the cut had healed, the black pigment would be formed from the ash/soot. Black was the only available color at that time, so tattoos were always done with traditional black ink. This tattooing process was very painful, as you can see.

Hawaiian Shark Tattoo

In Hawaiian culture, sharks are revered as powerful and sacred animals. They are also a symbol of protection for the wearer. Sharks are sacred because they resemble powerful creatures. It acts as a protection symbol for the wearer.

One of the most popular elements in tattoo art from this Polynesian country is the Hawaiian triangle. These triangles are used to symbolize strength, and sometimes they even depict shark teeth through Hawaiian tattoo symbols. The spearhead, which is both life and death, is also represented by stacked triangles. This symbol represents great power. These triangles are a key element in all Hawaiian tattoo designs.

Hawaiian Warrior Tattoo

The upper arms and shoulders above the elbow are associated to strength and bravery. They relate to warriors and chiefs. This part of the Maori term kikopuku was used to refer to the union of the words kiko, flesh, and puku (swollen). As a suffix or prefix, puku is used to intensify the word it qualifies. This reinforces the idea that strong arms are possible.

Ikaika Tattoo

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