Hickam Housing, Oahu

Five neighborhoods are available in Hickam Communities. They offer a range of floorplans, including those for 3-4 and 5-bedroom homes. These homes measure approximately 2,300 sq. ft. and include name-brand appliances and air conditioning. You can find the floor plan breakdown and rank requirements here. Check it out here

O’Hana Communities covers 24 communities in different locations on the island, but they are primarily located around Pearl Harbor. Click here to see a complete list of rank requirements for each location, as well as floor plans and amenities.

Private Housing: The Navy provides housing support to both Pearl Harbor AFB and Hickam AFB citizens. This location is where military families can live in private housing. The Hickam Communities website provides detailed information on the private housing community located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor–Hickam. For more information on the location’s housing options, and the application process, contact the Property Management Office.

Oahu’s tropical location makes it a unique assignment. All branches of the military are also present there. Nearly all of the military presence on Hawaii’s island, Oahu, is concentrated.

Although you might consider Hawaii an overseas move it will be unlike any other. You will be able to enjoy the diversity of Hawaii’s cultures and eat delicious food from all over the world. You’ll love the access to beautiful hiking trails and water sports if you are an outdoors person. More

Oahu is located among the main Hawaiian islands. You can view Molokai’s southern and windward side of the island on a clear day.

The unique duty station can be found at the southern tip of Oahu (one of 8 major islands in Hawaii), within the Ewa Plain. It is approximately 5 miles north of downtown Honolulu.

Hawaii, while a U.S. state, has its own unique culture. Hawaiians pride themselves on their history, so you will see monuments and statues that honor their leaders, kings and queens. Aloha can be translated as hello or goodbye and also refers to a way of living. Living aloha is to be compassionate, loving, and respectful. Mahalo is another word that you will want to know and remember. It stands for “thank you”. You can explore sites such as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific or WWII Pearl Harbor if you are a history enthusiast. On the Hickam side, at Joint Base Pearl Harbor–Hickam, you can still see bullet holes and shrapnel from the 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack.

Driving direction from Hickam Housing to Mele Luau

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