Mililani, Oahu

Mililani is an American city that lies near Oahu, Honolulu County. It is made up of Mililani Town with 27,629 inhabitants at the 2010 Census and Mililani Mauka with 21,039. Additional info

Mililani is situated on ex-plantation fields that Castle & Cooke owned. It began plans for the development of Mililani in early 1960s, under Oceanic Properties. Castle & Cooke planned to work with architects and planners on Mililani Town, a satellite town that would meet Oahu’s growing housing demand. The project was intended to support 75,000 residents. Mililani’s development director was Al Boeke (architect and developer), who later created the planned community at Sea Ranch in California. On June 3, 1968, the first Mililani homes went on sale.

Mililani Town is the older section of Mililani that lies west of Interstate H-2. Mililani Mauka is the newer section of Mililani east of Interstate H-2. Mililani Town is home to almost all Mililani’s retail and commercial centers. Launani Valley is a third area of Mililani. It’s a private, master-planned development that lies below Mililani Tech Park, on Wikao Street. Towne developed the area and it contains both single-family and townhome units.

Mililani can be found in central Oahu in the valley that runs between two volcanoes. It is approximately 16 miles (16 km) from Honolulu. The town serves as a residential area, but it also has its own shops, parks, schools, and public golf course. Mililani is a suburb town in the USA. This article

Mililani residents led a campaign to get the developer to put in a $2.5million carbon-filter system on the existing town wells. To provide safe water for the residents, Hawaii also dug new wells. The large-scale efforts of Mililani residents raised national awareness about the problem of pesticides in agricultural crops. In 1986, Mililani was named an All-America City by the National Civic League. This recognition was made in appreciation of Mililani’s civic spirit. This honor was awarded to Mililani, the sole community of Hawaii that has received it.

Mililani Town Center is the closest to a typical American suburb. You will find everything you need at Walmart Mililani. These 3 hubs are home to the majority of Mililani restaurants, along with the Mililani movie theaters. City Mill will be your nearest option for lumber and garden supplies, as well as home maintenance. You can drive only a 10 minute distance to reach the Lowe’s Waikele, where you’ll find almost everything you need for your home, even appliances.

Driving direction from Mililani Town to Mele Luau

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