Nanakuli, Oahu

Nanakuli, a tiny town and valley located on Oahu’s west coast is about 30 to 48 miles northwest of Honolulu. You will find it as soon as you reach Oahu’s leeward coastline. Nanakuli Beach Park is a beautiful beach in Nanakuli. In winter, the waves and currents can be strong, however, it is calm in summer. This beach is a popular gathering place for locals who picnic and barbecue here. The majority of Nanakuli residents reside in the valley directly across the Farrington Highway. Learn More

Hawaiians call “Nanakuli” to pretend to be deaf. The interesting thing about the origin of this town’s name is that it has a fascinating story. Oahu’s leeward coastline is dry and hot, so the Hawaiians were well aware of how difficult it was to cultivate food there. According to Hawaiian tradition, one should offer food for travelers. The ancient Hawaiians living here were ashamed to not be able to offer food because they didn’t have any. To avoid being hospitable, they kept their doors shut. They pretended they were deaf in case they were ever seen. Nanakuli became known for being a town filled with deaf residents. Nanakuli Beach Park, a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life is an excellent choice. You’ll see that most beachgoers are locals on any given day. There is plenty of parking and large grassy areas. The beach has a wide, long stretch so it never feels crowded. A GLOBE: HIGHLIGHTS: Nanakuli Beach Park covers 40 acres. It features many parking areas, picnic areas and a playground. There is also plenty of space for children to play ball and camping. ACTIVITIES: Camping, cliff jumping, swimming, body boarding, snorkelingLIFEGUARD: YesWARNINGS! Swimming isn’t recommended during winter due to strong currents and high surf. Strong currents are common year-round, and there is a strong shore break. Be careful when you swim in summer. You should lock your car and keep all valuables out of reach. You should apply sunscreen as the beach is very sunny. AMENITIES – There are several parking areas with paved surfaces and restrooms. You will love Nanakuli Beach Park, whether you stop by for just a few minutes or book a camping site for several days. You should hydrate well and bring plenty of sunblock to the west. You can park in a variety of parking areas throughout the beach park, including the playgrounds and campsites. Local kids will likely be seen cliff-jumping from rocks on either side of the park. However, there are warning signs against diving. You can feel adventurous, but be careful and make sure you check the water depth before you jump. It may fluctuate depending on tides. Swimming here is dangerous because of the strong currents. You can check with lifeguards if you have any doubts. Nanakuli Directions is the closest town. Discover More

Driving direction from Nanakuli to Mele Luau

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