Ocean Pointe

The Ocean Pointe neighborhood is a scenic and peaceful location that’s 3.8 miles away from the bustling city life in Kapolei. This Hawaiian town has an estimated population count of around 14k people who call this place home. Next article

The 17 ranked community in Hawaii, Ocean Pointe is a perfect place to call home. This area has an excellent livability score and ranks better than 67% of its surrounding areas on the island.

Living in this pristine paradise, where you are never too far from the ocean and all of life’s beauty that it offers, living aboard with mother nature is truly special. Also, living in the Ocean Pointe neighborhood offers residents an affordable, suburban lifestyle. Most of the homes are owner-occupied, and it feels unique with its own sense of community culture.

It’s no surprise that many families live in this area, given its proximity to both work and school; liberal politics keep them happy too. The public schools here are above average – perfect for any family with kids looking towards higher education one day soon enough.

People who live in the Ocean Pointe community have a cost of living that is 10% higher than the average for Hawaii and 96% higher than the U.S. average. There are many reasons why residents here pay more, such as property values and housing prices which are 208% greater compared to other areas across America. A great place to also visit is

The Ocean Pointe neighborhood has a 7% lower crime rate than the national average. Violent crimes in the Ocean pointe community are 47 percent less frequent than they would be elsewhere, and you’re 1/47 as likely to become victims there when compared with other cities across America.

With an income per capita that is 25% higher than average, it’s easy to see why the people of Ocean Pointe live in such luxurious surroundings. The people of the Ocean Pointe neighbohood have a higher median household income than most other American communities. In fact, the average Joe or Jane living there makes 102% more money compared to their counterparts all across America as a whole.

The median earnings of men in this community are 41% higher than women. The unemployment rate in the Ocean Pointe community is 38 percent lower compared to the national average, while the poverty level stands at 75% lower than the U.S. average. It’s no wonder that this community has such hopeful residents- they’re clearly taking care not only themselves but also their families with those large incomes coming from hardworking residents who live here in Ocean Pointe.

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