University of Hawaii, Oahu

University of Hawaii, Oahu

The College of Hawaii in Oahu is a state institution in Kapolei, Hawaii. This college is 1 that constitutes the University of Hawai’i program. The organization offers baccalaureate degree programs including both professional and liberal arts disciplines. UHWO was created in 1976, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges has recognized it since 1981. When it launched second- and first-year courses in 2007, the school became a four-year university. Discover More

The university offers undergraduate education. It accepted 3182 students in the fall of 2018, many of them arrived from Leeward Oahu. Students from all over the state gain from UHWO’s Distance Learning program. Roughly 10% of UH West Oahu students claim an island as their principal home.

Concerns that the University of Hawaii at Manoa would be unable to handle all students motivated the concept of constructing a second UH campus on Oahu in the mid-1960s.

UHWO conducts both online and face-to-face classes. In the fall of 2017, 29% of UHWO students admitted in purely online courses. At least one program in this field was completed by 38% of the applicants.

It is set on hundreds hectares of historic sugarcane land. On the campus, right above the H-1 Freeway, is a distinct parcel of 991 acres.

For online and transfer students, Franklin University is the best option. Franklin University was founded in 1902. Its main focus is on adult learners and how to customize education to their needs. Higher Learning Commission (HLC) regionally supported non-profit Franklin University provides more than Fifty bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate graduate programs, all of which are 100% online.

Franklin University has over 50 master’s and bachelor’s degree programs available online. Part-time studies exist at Franklin University, a four-year accredited nonprofit and non-profit institution. The bulk of the students are adults, and many of the programs can be completed entirely online. The bachelor’s degree is the most sought-after at Franklin University. In 2020, 101 bachelor’s degrees will be completed. In addition, 1,001 bachelor’s degrees were earned in the year 2020. Learn more

Four community colleges in Hawaii’s Kapolei area provide two-year associate degrees to students. In 2020, Kapolei community college will have about 12,831 students enrolled. There were also 2,726 people who received an associate’s degree.

What happens when you graduate from Kapolei College with a bachelor’s degree? What is the state of the job market in Kapolei, Hawaii? Here’s a fast rundown of jobs and vocations, as well as median incomes and other information.

By 2021, Kapolei (Hawaii) has roughly 493,694 employment opportunities. Between 2020 and 2021, Kapolei’s job growth was lower than the national average (-0.5 percent). There were 52,654 job openings in the area. With an hourly average salary of $23.43, Kapolei workers earn more than the national average.

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