Where is Ewa Beach in Oahu ?

Hawaiians call ewa “stray”. Named after the legend that Kane and Kanaloa cast a stone to establish boundaries. However, it was later lost and found by Pili o Kai. Hawaiian settlement of the Ewa Plain can be traced back to at least the 12th Century. At that time Kanaka maoli extended the main channel at Puuloa (Pearl Harbor), before creating fishponds in the area and terraced agriculture fields. Scholars recognized Ewa’s historic fishponds to be a great example of Native Hawaiian innovation. More

It was a large plantation farm before Ewa beach became a city. W. R. Lowrie, who was given 11,000 acres (4.500 ha) by Benjamin Dillingham as sublet, became Hawaii’s first plantation manager during Queen Liliuokalani’s rule in 1891. Ewa Beach has a significant association to Ewa Sugar Plantation. It played an important role in Hawaii’s economy and culture throughout the 20th century.

Ewa Beach’s transformation has been remarkable over the past decade. Ewa Beach is located on Oahu’s east side. It borders Pearl Harbor and Barber’s Point. To the west and Kapolei, to the north. Ewa Beach used to be home to Native Hawaiian fishponds, later becoming plantations. Ewa Beach has many amenities, including a hospital with state-of the-art equipment, new housing developments and a wide variety of golf courses. There are also great shopping opportunities, as well as wide roads. Newer homes are larger, and more spacious. There is also a lot of green space and sidewalks. Ewa is a new community, but it has maintained its small-town feel. Potential homebuyers might consider moving to Ewa or the west side of Honolulu.

You can take a dip in Ewa’s beautiful beaches at any time. The best months to swim are April to December, when the temperatures range from 77 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. There is little rainfall to disrupt your sun-kissed beach days.

Ewa Beach has a reputation for being hotter than the rest of Oahu. The temperature ranges from 66-88 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. January is the coldest month with an average of 66 degrees and a high of 80 degrees. Ewa beach experiences rain from October through March. Only 16 percent of the rainy month’s days are rainy. Check it out here

Driving Directions from Ewa Beach to Mele Luau

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